Setting Expectations

Hot yoga was not my plan for this morning. I ran last night because I planned to go to my more-typical vinyasa flow yoga this morning.

Before leaving for class, I double-checked the schedule. Tuesday mornings are not vinyasa first thing but HPF (hot power fusion). Had I looked before bed, I probably would’ve skipped yoga. I’m grateful for my assumption because it got me up and to the mat.

My body has been feeling the shock of a return to strength training and yoga. HPF was just what I needed after all. It’s difficult to take time for slower, purposeful classes because they don’t seem as “efficient” but their value is long lasting. Slowing down gives me the recovery and strength I need to continue building muscle and speed without injury.

Back on Track

Getting ready for spring training has been a gradual process. I’m slowly increasing my mileage and adding in more yoga and strength training.

Midday workouts powered my first week back at work. I wasn’t quite ready to resume 6am workouts yet, and neither is the local weather. It’s tough to get up early on a cold, dark morning.

My workout schedule this past week included runch, leg work, a cold and slow 5K, running to brunch and back and a full evening of yoga. I’m looking forward to the official start of spring training next week.

First Run of 2018

My winter gear arrived just in time for a freeze that’s hit Dallas all week! I donned my new Scuba hoodie (cozy and lightweight!) and ear-warmer with my regular gear for a 20-degree run to kick off the year. I’m slowly building my way back up to my pre-marathon mileage. At perfect timing, my Nuun order was waiting for me when I got home.

Last month I ran 40 miles, most of which was the San Antonio Marathon. Over the whole year, I ran 770 miles. Considering I ran only about 20 between April and May, I’m proud of what I accomplished.

This year, I’ve set a goal to run over 1,000 miles. Not running any marathons in 2018 will help me run more because I won’t need to take any extended post-marathon running breaks. I’ll be powered by Nuun and Honey Stinger along the way, which I’m proud to represent as a 2018 Nuun Ambassador and member of the Honey Stinger Hive.