The Wurst Race Recap

The half marathon is a strange beast:  just long enough to challenge any runner but a cakewalk compared to the full marathon distance. I ran my 15th half marathon over the weekend, and I’m still chasing my next PR.

The Wurst Race is an Oktoberfest-themed 5K and Half Marathon in the tiny German town of Muenster, Texas. This year marked only the second annual running and my second time as well. I won second female overall and came in faster this year, but the competition field was slim.

Expo:  None; bib pickup the day before or race day morning. However, the race includes free entry to Oktoberfest after the run and a coupon for two free beers or sodas. Enjoy German food and dancing and expect to see plenty of lederhosen!

Weather:  Low 30s all morning and chilly winds some of the miles but nice amount of sunshine. “Texas” may be misleading to those travelling from out of town. I wore a short sleeve tech shirt and kept on my arm warmers the whole race.

Support:  Water every few miles seemed to be the right placement for me. Powerade also available. Pickles and bananas at some of the stops, but I stuck to water. Expect a few families cheering along the way. The race is a fundraiser for a local school, so there’s a decent amount of community support but the chilly temperatures kept most people inside. Many of the miles felt lonely.

Course:  Beautiful rolling hills, fields of wind turbines and many animals! Cows, ponies, goats and more are plentiful. I also got chased by dogs twice (not for very long). If you had any doubt, this is definitely a countryside race. Watch out for gravel on the farm roads. There’s one tricky turn at the last mile, so it’s worth looking at a course map ahead of time. It’s not a closed course, which makes for a different experience.

The race is a pretty easy drive from the DFW Metroplex. Overall, I would recommend it to those looking for something different–and the thrill of winning! It’s still in its infancy, so my hope is that it will continue to grow and attract more runners as the organizers get the rest of the kinks out.

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