Trying Again

The Montreal marathon did not go as planned, mostly because it did not go. I ran the half distance after the full got cancelled. I spent a few hours feeling very angry before reaching a shameful sense of relief.

Missed training runs? No worries. Sore legs on the flight home? Not a chance. The pressure to PR? Off my shoulders. After enjoying the shorter distance on a beautiful (but warmer than usual) day in Montreal, I celebrated with my Canadian beer and French marathoner jacket. I didn’t run a marathon that day, but I am still a proud 4x marathoner.

By about the fifth time of explaining why I ran the half instead of the full, I realized I wouldn’t feel satisfied until I completed my fifth marathon. Rock’n’Roll San Antonio had been on my mind so I pulled the trigger and parted with more of my money.

Sometimes you don’t reach your original goals only because there’s other goals out there to chase instead. I’m realigning, reorganizing and ramping up my training for a race day that will probably be just as warm as Montreal–except Texans can handle the heat!

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