Arrived in Montreal

We made it safely to Montreal only for a race cancellation. I’ve never seen a race cancelled for heat before, especially temperatures I would consider mild. The high on race day will be in the mid-80s, so Canadians have decided that’s too hot to run. I’m not sure that any of my training runs took place at lower temperatures!

The race has allowed marathoners to run the half distance, which will start one hour earlier than planned. My new focus is to PR (or PB, as they say in Canada) at the shorter distance and give it everything I have. I’m very disappointed I won’t get the opportunity for the full distance.

We ran intervals Tuesday evening for a total of 8 miles. It was hot and humid, but we pushed through for the faster paces and enjoyed the recovery. I got up for BoMF Wednesday again and did a cool 2 mile run/walk. Flying took up the rest of the day, and then we celebrated our arrival with a walk through old Montreal to dinner in Chinatown.

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