Calf Relief Plan

My calves have come full circle in the past week. They started to feel pain last week when I neglected to stretch following my runch. On top of that, I’ve been breaking in new shoes and focusing on improving my foot strike–which can throw everything off in how my body feels.

The pain wasn’t too bad during my run home Thursday, but I really should have focused more on recovery like taking a salt bath and spending more time rolling. I intended to run back to work Friday morning (with bursts of walking and a slow pace), but the pain was just-ran-a-marathon bad. This really made me angry because I’d only put in about 14 miles over the past three days and I had a race coming up Saturday.

In search of a quick cure, I slept in calf sleeves Friday night. For the first ever, I kept them on for racing. I’ve always thought runners looked silly wearing them but now I’m a believer. I placed third in my age group! To go from struggling to get out of bed to almost-regular paces was amazing. Of course, I know this was still more stress on my calves so I spent the rest of the long weekend with extended foam rolling before bed and daily salt baths. Sunday afternoon, I devoted half an hour to recovery yoga with an emphasis on stretching my calves.

By Monday morning, my legs were eager for a short run with Back on My Feet. Come Tuesday, they conquered hills with my training group. I resisted the temptation to hurry home for dinner and stopped to stretch before jumping in the car. My calves will thank me.

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