Run Commute

Continuing yesterday’s theme of making time for a run whenever possible, today resulted in a one-way run commute after work. Sunrise times keep creeping later, and I had to look nice for an event this evening. That left my only option as running home from work for a total of 5 miles.

Key to a successful run commute is understanding a good route. The best route for running will likely not be the most direct route for driving. Sidewalks are important along with looking for protected crosswalks and avoiding busy roads. Run commuting is also one of the most effective ways to really learn street names.

I debuted my new Nike ID shoes tonight, which I created for Montréal. I’m so excited about how they look, and it helps motivate me to know I’ll be crossing the finish line in these same shoes. The tongues say “26.2” and “MTL” as a great reminder of why I’m using my Flintstone-power to get me home from work. Making sure I had Nuun* in my water bottle also got me home safe with the boost of caffeine and electrolytes.

*Save 25% off Nuun with code FANDFHYDRATION2017 through Sept. 1, 2017

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