Mountain High

Summer training officially wrapped last week, and I took off to Denver the next day. Running at elevation is always unpredictable for me. I focus on hydrating the week before and slow down my pace when I arrive. I still haven’t found the exact key to success, but I’ve noticed that running early in the trip can be good acclimation.

My schedule said 18 miles for the weekend, but I ended up splitting it across a couple days. I ran 3 miles on Saturday morning and then another 14.5 miles on Monday. For the longer run, I wish I had run by time and not distance. I’d packed my trail shoes, which have less support, but ended up running on paved concrete. I also forgot to pack energy (my preferred fuels are Honey Stinger chews and Jelly Belly Sport Beans). Third strike? My route took me mostly uphill on the second half.

Despite all these errors, I’m happy with my run because I got out there and enjoyed the views. Also, my Starbucks drink tasted even better post-run. It all led up to my first run with fall training last night back home in Dallas. The humidity was a shock, but my legs felt stronger.

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