Cold Front

Weather that makes you want to wear a jacket the first week of August is a rare gift. Of course, that was quickly put out of mind by the crazy humidity. A regular Texas summer storm is on its way, but we got in tonight's run before any rain.

Running intervals at the lake made the time pass quicker than at the track because of the constantly changing scenery. We ran 3×1.5 split up with a hairpin turnaround at each interval. I kept pace by breaking it up even more in my mind: through the trees, over a short bridge, past the parking lot, around the bend, over the wooden bridge, another bend, turnaround, all over again backward.

I left my watch running the whole time, even during the few minute walking breaks after each interval. This made it hard to know my true pace so I went by feel instead. I've just discovered Nike's speed feature in the running app, which works exactly for intervals. Next time I'll use it, but it's also good that I'm getting better at learning my pace by feel.

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