Thinking About Gelato

Runners love food. Some runners love food more than running, some run because they love food and some just love both. Long runs are mostly driven by (and discussed when in a group) thinking about what we will eat next.

I put off my 14 miles until Sunday, which is a very risky move. I didn't feel rested enough Saturday morning so I committed to an early bedtime that night. The wait worked in my favor because temperatures have cooled down at least 10 degrees back into the 90s. There was a beautiful breeze my whole run and the sun was not too hot.

Despite the gorgeous lake views, I passed the run by dreaming about gelato. At a water stop, I even checked to see if Paciugo was open yet. My front door, around the lake and back is not quite 14 so I needed a diversion anyway.

Since it was apparently too early for fresh gelato, I ran right until the entrance of nearby Whole Foods. Fortunately, they sell gelato by the pint. I opted for Halo Top instead because of its protein value. The best thing about running 14 miles is how much better dessert tastes after a couple hours exercising in the sun.

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