Hot Hills

Motivation comes in many different forms. For me, sometimes it's more imagining how I feel if I don't try. Refusing to give up was what got me out to the hills tonight.

The local news ran a story with the headline "too hot to run," and it took everything I had to ignore them. What finally helped was realizing how much of a mind game it is to see the number 100 on the temperature reading. Sometimes I just need better perspective. I thought about 85 compared to 87 or 31 compared to 33 to help me cope with 100 compared to the high 90s. That helped me see that tonight wouldn't be significantly different than previous weeks.

Staying hydrated and acclimated are important factors in being able to handle the heat. Since I've been running in similar temperatures all summer, I knew I could handle tonight. I also reminded myself to listen to my body: take water breaks, slow down a little bit, stop if it's too much.

I made a plan and I mastered the hills. We stopped at 10 repetitions or 80 minutes, whichever came first. I made it through 9 (all without music!) and knew that was the safe place to stop. Tonight definitely earned a beer so I joined up with my Pint Striders (social run) friends right after to indulge. Making it to tonight's workout and running up and down that hill was so worth it.

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