Running, in Two Parts

I kept good on my promise to make it to Saturday BoMF and loved it. We ran six miles through a route I never would’ve discovered on my own. 

Since I had twelve miles on deck this morning, I completed the rest as soon as I got home. I ran to the Katy Trail to meet up with a church running group (YCP) and then finished the mileage along the trail. 

Breaking up my run gave me a chance to re-apply sunscreen and re-hydrate, both essentials in Texas. While splitting up a run doesn’t provide the same benefit of building endurance, the effect is the same for the body. I don’t recommend it all the time, but it’s a good idea to try on hot days or when your schedule is full of competing interests. Running to and from work is a similar idea of building mileage with a gap in between. 

My legs definitely know I ran twelve miles today, regardless of how it happened. Of course, what’s a run without breakfast tacos and a margarita? It’s a staple of YCP runs and keeps the attitude social and positive, making running something fun. 

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