Second Time Around

Switching between evening and morning workouts can be a shock to the system. I prefer to work out in the morning, but evening training has made that more difficult. Sometimes the only way to make it happen is by force. 

I made it to 6am yoga today and felt great during class, in part from the sense of accomplishment of making it there in the first place. During our summer fast track training, we recognize that half the battle is making it out in the heat. With running or anything tough, the hardest part is often just showing up. 

Yoga this morning was the same flow as Monday evening, which allowed me to turn off my racing mind and just follow the moves. I could tell a difference in my body, mostly observations on exercise differs when first waking up versus at the end of the day. My focus was stronger but my balance and flexibility had not caught up yet. Because our bodies vary throughout the day, it’s good to also (at least occasionally) vary when when we work out. 

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