The alarm never comes easy on Monday mornings, but I can’t hit snooze. I am accountable to every one of our Back on my Feet members. One of them asked why I haven’t come out on a Saturday run; I told him I’d be there this week. Accountability will be holding me through the week. 

My tired body wanted to go straight home after work. Last week, Brittany said she missed seeing me in yoga class and I told her I’d be there this week. My promise helped hold me accountable–and I am so glad I made it!

During training, I am also accountable to my body. If I put it through tough workouts and tough runs, I need to nurture it with stretching and yoga. To prepare for running in the hot evenings, I need to hydrate properly.

Accountability builds trust–that I am capable of what I pursue and that I will keep my word. That trust gives us the strength to push through tough workouts and do what we need to even when our minds or bodies say no. 

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