Will Trade Hills for Chocolate

Running hills tonight was the hardest workout of training so far. We ran eight reps up and back down a steep hill that seemed to never end. 

During the first couple reps, I thought there was no way I could do eight; I’d probably barely make it through four. The hill seemed to get longer each time! Once I made it halfway, I figured I could struggle on a little longer but could not even envision myself finishing the workout. When I completed the fifth rep, a switch flipped. I knew that I could make it the rest of the way, and–by some miracle–the hill had hypnotized me into thinking it was getting shorter. 

What made this hill particularly tough was the false end halfway through. After an uphill climb, it almost levels out before a turn and then a steep almost vertical climb the rest of the way. (An easy metaphor for many of the challenges we face in life.) 

I still can’t believe I completed all eight reps, but I knew the first thing I needed at home was protein. I blended up an easy smoothie:  two teaspoons of powdered peanut butter, a cup of almond milk, a scoop of chocolate protein powder and a handful of ice. Recovery tastes delicious!

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