Surviving the Heat

Survival was my goal tonight. At first, I was really excited for tonight’s workout. Maybe it was because I finalized my #RnRMontreal plans today or maybe because I hadn’t run in a week. Regardless, all that went away with the warmup mile. 

Immediately, my legs resisted me. Lingering soreness mixed with the sun beating down and temperatures near 100 told me it was going to be tough from the start. I tried to reset my mind when we got to the track. 

Tonight was supposed to be 3×1600 (one mile) but I took an alternative route. My workout ended up as 2000, 1200, 1600. I lose count during the first rep and only realized it after I had already started running a fifth lap, so I tried to even out by running only three in the second rep. 

That sub 7 pace from a few weeks ago is still waiting for me at the finish, and I don’t like how running tonight made me feel. What does make me happy is that I survived and can channel those feelings as a motivator whenever I feel like skipping a workout. 

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