Sore or Sorry

The debate of sore v. sorry resulted in both today. After skipping last week’s speed workouts while travelled, I’ve learned my lesson. 

Running (and fitness in general) is a lot more like making a meringue than it is baking a cake. You can’t just set it and go. If you don’t monitor it and work on it consistently, you’ll either end up overworked or underdone. Either way, you’ll have to start all over. Just like overtraining or taking too long a break. 

Yesterday’s workout has my legs feeling so sore today, I barely powered through our short Back on My Feet run. I’m turning to some of my favorite at-home recovery remedies:

  • Massage Stick (even for a few minutes) to work out the touch spots 
  • Magnesium (relaxes your muscles)
  • Spirulina (contains magnesium, iron and other minerals/vitamins) and is great sprinkled in cereal or mixed in a smoothie 
  • Epsom Salt soak to soothe the muscles 
  • Almonds before bed to give my body the building blocks (protein) to repair 
  • Rest with an early bedtime to heal 

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