Speed Preview

I got the first taste tonight at how accomplished I’ll feel at the end of the summer fast track training. We’ve been gradually building up the length of our reps to what feels more like a test of both speed and endurance. 

Single laps are easier to push through because they’re over in less than two minutes and then you get to rest. Tonight was 3×1200, which gets a lot closer to feeling like you sprinted a mile. 

Remembering I only had three reps motivated me, but the distance was still tougher than previous weeks. The goal in track work is to maintain the same pace for each rep, so the first rep is always a gamble of math and intensity. I’m getting better at understanding what paces I can maintain and knowing about how fast I can push myself. 

My first rep came in right about what I expected. The second rep felt like I had lost my energy and slowed down, but then I saw it was 7 seconds faster! My final rep averaged the pace back out by matching the first. Because each rep was close to a mile, I can accurately envision my mile sprint pace. 

Getting close to our goals helps us dream bigger.  Now that I know I’m solidly under seven (something that still seems insane to me), I’m motivated and excited to shave even more time off my pace. 

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