Pool Time

Hot summer days call for cooling off in the swimming pool. Normally for adults that means laying out by the water then taking a quick dip when it’s too hot, but you can also stay cool by getting your workout in the pool.

Water is easier on muscles (great for runners!) but still builds strength as your body resists the weight of the water. Working out in the pool is not just your mom’s water aerobics class. Stop by the dollar store and grab a pool noodle for the perfect prop.

Tonight I traded yoga for some of my favorite pool exercises:

  • Noodle planks (planking on the noodle–keep your legs straight and your feet from touching the pool floor)
  • Noodle crunches (rest your shoulders on the noodle and crunch your legs in and out)
  • Tricep dips (place your hands on the side of the pool and bend your arms down)
  • Water skaters (80s music video skater exercises forward and backward)
  • Noodle bicycles (sitting on the noodle and moving your legs like riding a bicycle)
  • Noodle butterflies (sitting on the noodle with feet together and pushing your bent legs outward thighmaster-style)
  • Pool jacks (standing and jumping your legs out and in like the lower half of a jumping jack)
  • Pool knee tucks (jumping and tucking your knees with a focus less on jumping high and more on moving through water)
  • Noodle jump rope (swinging your knees back-and-forth over the noodle by tucking them into your abs)

I like to rotate through the different exercises counting down from ten. That lets me know there’s a stopping point but also keeps me in check with balancing each. Of course, regular lap swimming is always a good idea as well.

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