Meaningful Miles

Watch out for alligators was the running joke (pun intended) during Saturday’s Meaningful Miles 5K. I ran with Lisa as she accomplished her first 5K (and first race ever!). More accurately, we swam together through torrential downpour. 

When I woke up and saw the weather report, I knew I would’ve stayed in bed on any other day. When the rain came pouring down, I knew how badly I wanted to sprint to the finish and just be done. But running is never all about me. 

I am so proud of everyone who ran in Meaningful Miles this year, especially our Back on My Feet members. We were completely drenched and running through puddles but Lisa stayed smiling and laughing the whole time. She told me stories about growing up in Florida and putting 150K miles on her truck in six months. I’m so grateful to have run these 3.1 miles with her. 

The weather cleared up and was a beautiful day by the afternoon, including the Dallas Running Club picnic. It was a wonderful Saturday bookended by two great running organizations. 

One thought on “Meaningful Miles

  1. cat h bradley says:

    This is so great, congrats to Lisa! I checked this out after you gave me the link and it is such an amazing program. Sadly they are not in my borough yet and it won’t work for me to make it the neighborhoods that early in the morning. Maybe I will email them and ask them to start a run in Brooklyn. So inspiring! Happy Sunday! x

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