Racing Yourself

My legs felt like jelly tonight. Temperatures continue to climb, I didn’t hydrate early enough in the day and I just didn’t want to run. So many times I felt like giving up. 

We ran 5×800, which doesn’t sound so bad until you complete one lap and realize you still have to go again before you recover. The track starts to feel a lot longer at that point. 

I wanted to be faster tonight. I wanted to keep pushing myself and see quantifiable progress. I didn’t have it in me, but I did fight myself and make it to the end. 

Every lap, I just wanted to run into the field and lay down. Every lap, I told myself it was about how fast I wanted to go. How hard did I want to push myself? As I saw people lap me and saw myself lap others, it reminded me that every run is only about racing yourself. We are all going our own pace and fighting for the best we’ve got every chance we get. 

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