Contentment on the Mat

Sometimes I’m lucky and sneak in a nap in between Back on My Feet* and getting ready for work. Today was not one of those mornings. Even with late afternoon Starbucks (double stars day!), I was still ready to crash by the end of the workday.

My favorite instructor (Brittany) teaches a Monday evening class that I have incorporated into my training schedule. I looked at my watch and realized I had less than five minutes to decide if I was going to make it or not. Here’s what I had to decide:  would I feel more rested (actually get more rest) with or without the class? It’s important to know your habits.

Yoga was the most effective use of that hour for me. Brittany began class by setting an intention that we would all feel contentment in where we were at this moment on this mat…today. I felt grateful to be able to go to class and left looking like I’d gone swimming. Welcome to hot yoga in Texas in the summer.

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