Back on My Feet

Monday is always a good day for me because I start my day with Back on My Feet, a running program with people experiencing homelessness. We meet outside the shelter, warm up and head out on our route. We’re always back just as the sun is coming up. My mood stays lifted throughout the rest of the day after running with so many inspiring members. 

June is extra special for Back on My Feet DFW because we host our signature race, Meaningful Miles 5K and 10K. My marathon training officially begins again tomorrow but our members are right in the heart of their training now, many for their very first 5K. 

I ran with one of our members for her very first 5K at the end of April. She was really more of a walker during our morning runs but she ran that race and it has given her a confidence like no other. She was out again this morning and it’s impossible to be around her contagious enthusiasm and not leave smiling. 

Some of our members are currently experiencing homelessness and some of us are volunteers, but on our morning runs we are all just runners changing the things we can and accepting what we can’t asking for the wisdom to know the difference.

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