All in Good Time

Lightning overruled this morning’s club race, but I committed to still run the same (short) distance as soon as the sky cleared. The DRC Bloomin’ 4-miler turned into four very humid late morning miles. 

My legs felt like they were moving through molasses until I caught a glimpse at my pace. “Slow” to me now would have been my envy just a couple years ago. Little moments like that are a good source of encouragement. 

Later in the day, I stopped by Luke’s Locker for packet pickup. A group of friends and I are running the locally-popular Katy Trail 5K this Thursday. While there, I caught what the salesclerk called “the steal of the century.” The Kate Spade x Beyond Yoga collaboration has been on my mind (but out of my price range) since it first launched almost two years ago. Luckily I found a matching set on sale–and the last one left in my size. 

Nothing gets me excited to run again like new running clothes!

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